7 Vegetables To Grow in Pots in Winter

It is  absolutely fascinating to grow your own vegetables, and cooking veggies grown in right your garden. Check out  about 7 vegetables to  grow in  pots in winter,  easily in your kitchen garden or backyard in the coming winter season.

Winters are just arriving soon and that means this is the time for kitchen gardeners to grow some of the healthiest vegetables in the garden.

One can grow a different number of  bright colored and healthful vegetables in garden from October to February when the temperature remains cooler.

Almost all these vegetables are easy to grow and do well with minimal care. Here is top seven list of vegetables to grow in pots this winter.

Vegetables to Grow In Pots In Winter

1) Tomato

Tomato is probably the favorite vegetable of most gardeners. It’s always a delight to find a shiny red tomato in your balcony or terrace garden There are a lot of varieties of tomato that you can grow which also include many exotic varieties.

Cherry tomatoes is something you must grow in your garden as they can be grown in even 8 liter pots.

When you taste the tomatoes you grow on your own , you will always want to grow them again and again .

And the happy and complacent feeling of growing this red beautiful and juicy vegetable is worth cherished.

2) Beans

Beans is another vegetable to grow in pots in winter and that too very easily. It is not a heavy taker of micronutrients and hence you can grow beans even in small containers. Bush varieties of beans are suitable for container gardening.

However if you can build a trellis, you can go for a climber variety and save much more space in your garden. Mostly people grow french beans in winter.

3) Spinach

Spinach loses its nutrients rapidly once its plucked from the soil. In fact some varieties of spinach loose more than 70% of their nutrients within one  or two days.

So eating store bought spinach which takes at least three days to reach your kitchen from the farm which  is no good at all when we talk about nutrients you.

Therefore you should try to grow spinach in your garden and have them as fresh as possible. Additionally it is one of the easiest vegetable you can grow in your garden. Just sow the seeds and water regularly.


Growing spinach in containers is quite easy. spinach can be grown even in a  small shallow containers. That is what spinach makes it to top vegetables to grow in pots in winters. Spinach has been remain our favorite from long time.

Either it is winter special palak paneer or just a breakfast Spinach sandwich, this versatile green is everywhere.

Spinach is one of the most nutritious vegetable to grow in cold-weather but you can grow it in the summer months also, but in the winters, the plants thrive well.

4) Swiss chard

Swiss chard is quite similar to spinach’s that is close to its nutritional content. But for what it lacks in nutrition. Swiss chard is a  green leafy vegetable that grows well in the cold climatic conditions.

The best thing about swiss chard is that it makes your food visually tempting and it comes in different colors also. Veggies with colors are known for their special pigment called Anthocyanin that is considered very healthy.

To really understand why lettuce is so much appreciated salad option for your table top you need to taste it and eat it. The texture and savor of lettuce can really be enjoyed if you bring it directly from your garden.

In most of India it is also not commonly consumed. Hence it is difficult to find even in vegetable market.

And this makes swiss chard choice of vegetables to  grow in  pots in winter,  easily in your kitchen garden or backyard in the coming even if you get luck, only you get it fresh. So try to plant some lettuce in your garden this winter.

Different colors and leaves also make lettuce very attractive in nature. Lettuce, a staple in every salad, has many varieties and comes in many shapes.

 It needs cool weather to thrive, and this is the right time to get it started. Sow Lettuce seeds just  below the soil surface. Lettuce needs to grow in the temperature between 20° and 26°C.

 The common lettuce we find in burgers is Iceberg lettuce; which has the least nutrition content as compared to other lettuce varieties.

The varieties to try are Lollo rosso, Butter head lettuce, and Romaine lettuce.  Lettuce leaves are best harvested when they are tender.

5) Coriander 

Coriander is a versatile herb used in a variety of dishes, dips and salsas. It is related to parsley, and has similar flat leaves, but a  more pungent smell and flavor. Some people even call it as Chinese parsley.

 you can plant it either indoors, Coriander grows better during autumn and winter or spring season but less in summers.

 Coriander grows well in pots . Pot size about 25 cm is enough. The benefit of growing coriander in a pot is that it can easily be move from sunny place to shade.

And definitely the pot can be kept in the kitchen to get handy access to green coriander leaves. Seeds work best for growing cilantro as they germinate in 7 to 10 days time.

Just spread the seeds over the soil and cover some soil over them and then lighly water them or just spray water over the soil.

6) Bell pepper or capsicum

Capsicum is a very popular vegetable in India as it is used in Indian, Chinese, European and all other kinds of cooking. People also like to have it in salads.

It is very versatile and you can grow them in containers as they do not require much of nutrients and don’t need too much space to grow.

With right  and on time application of compost and organic fertilizers, its easy to get a bountiful of bell peppers from your harvest.

Tip – rather than growing green capsicum which is commonly available, you can go for the colored and different taste varieties like, red and orange bell peppers as one of the vegetables to grow in pots in winters.

7) Carrots

take a lot of time to grow. It can sometimes take even more than 90 days  from germination day to be fully grown .

But this still makes it to the list of vegetables to grow in pots in winters because this can be used as a companion plant to many of the other vegetables like tomatoes.

And it also does not really require much space on its own. In just three to four square feet space you can harvest 1 or 2 kilograms of carrots.

When you are thinking of growing vegetable in pots roots of plant plays a very important role in selecting the vegetables. Shallow rooting vegetables are excellent for container gardening.

Cauliflower and Cabbage are shallow rooting and early harvest vegetables. So they all are excellent choice to plant in your kitchen garden in winters.