The Easiest Way To Grow Organic Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato belongs to the plant family Convolvulaceae. according to wikipedia It’s large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable. Its young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens.

The sweet potato is becoming a popular food item since it has very high nutritional value and relatively easy to grow in a simple container. This description below will give you every detail you need to get started growing your own sweet potatoes in warm containers.

Is the sweet potato a better potato?

Although many may argue that the sweet potato is not superior to the regular potato, the popular paleo diet also favors sweet potatoes for their high nutritional profile.

Sweet potatoes have surpassed their regular counterparts in so many ways

Some of the noticeable differences between sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.

Sweet potatoes have same carbohydrate content, but more fiber than regular potatoes.
Sweet potatoes have fewer calories than regular potatoes.

Sweet potatoes contain more nutrients than regular potatoes – mostly vitamin C and vitamin A.

Potatoes contain saponins, and sweet potatoes do not contain it. Sometimes referred to as “anti-nutrient,”.
Sweet potatoes ta

Sweet potatoes taste better when eaten by themselves as compare to normal potatoes.

Things to remember while growing sweet potatoes in containers or your backyards

  • Choosing the right sweet potato
    In order to multiply a sweet potato, your tubers need to be capable of producing shoots. If your sweet potato will not show shoots, it may because it’s been treated with a chemical during the growing or shipping time .
  • You always try to pick an organic type of sweet potato while growing in containers at your home which are mostly free from any chemical treatment.
  • The sweet potato likes to grow in warm conditions.

Unlike other tuber species like carrots and regular potatoes, sweet potatoes like heat. To ensure that your sweet potatoes lasts long enough to sprout, never store them below a temperature of 12°C or they will quickly rot. Be sure that your sweet potatoes are stored at room temperature.

Sweet potatoes which are kept in cold storage at any point may never sprout, so keep in mind that your grocery store hasn’t been storing them cold preservation. The heat is very important to a sweet potato at the time of harvest.

Growing from “slips”

The first thing you notice while growing sweet potatoes is getting a nice crop of sweet potato slips. Place your single seed potato in a 19-liter pot of moist soil with tops exposed. . As with anything planted in containers ,remember to drill adequate drain holes at the bottom.

Before long, your “slips” will start rocketing out of your sweet potato. Once the slips are ready to plant, this is what they should look like:

You should take out these shoots and transplant them in larger 70 litres container. In each of these containers, put 6 sweet potato slips.

When to plant sweet potatoes
If you’re growing outside, you’ll need at least a90 days long growing time period to grow sweet potatoes.

You never need the soil your sweet potatoes grow in to go below 12 degrees Celsius (50 degrees F). Check with your local agricultural extension to find the best growing dates for sweet potatoes in your particular region where you live. Sweet potatoes start growing slowly, but take up growth very fast.

  • When to harvest you sweet potatoes
    Just like with any plant, make sure they are getting enough water throughout their growing time. After 4 months of regular growth, your sweet potatoes are ready for harvest.

In moderate climates, harvest immediately after your first frost , which is when your vines start to appear black.

  • But be careful: Sweet potatoes may start to split if you leave them in the ground for a full 8 months

Keep your newly grown sweet potatoes in a warm, slightly moist environment for 15 days after harvest. This cures sweet potatoes, simulate them to create a protective layer of something called suberin.
If you grow sweet potato plant right way , you can expect a good yield depending on the variety of the sweet potato and growing conditions of specific region.