How To Grow Strawberries At Home

How To Grow Strawberries At Home

Strawberries are by far, one of the best-tasting fruits ever discovered. The mixture of sweetness and sourness in every bite makes your body want to crave for more. It is the common knowledge of the people that planting or growing your own is more of a hassle.

But have you ever wondered if you can just actually plant it on a pot on your garden instead of going to the market to buy?

Scroll and read below to know how to Grow a strawberry in a pot!

Step 1: Gather ideas on what variety of strawberry to plant. There are several varieties of strawberries like day-neutral, ever-bearing, and June-variety.

Longer season varieties are ever-bearing and day-neutral while June-bearing is not. Day-neutral produces berries mostly throughout the summer, and ever-bearing can produce two to three harvests per season.

Step 2: Buying a runner or a starter plant should make the fruit grow easily. Strawberries can easily grow from a home environment.

Growing the strawberries in late spring or early summer is one of the best choices.

Step 3: Consider the space and the pot on where you will plant the strawberry. A pot’s dimensions could be 17-19 inches (42-47cm) wide and 9 inches (21cm) deep.

Placing holes at the bottom of the pot will drain excess water.

Step 4: Use a soil that can support the growth of the plant. Compost is the best soil to be used. It should have a pH level of 5.5-6.5. Have the pot filled up to about an inch below the top.

Refrain from using soil from the backyard or soil that is mixed with sand or other types of soil. It may not have the ideal pH for the strawberry plant to grow and the water may have a hard time draining from it.

Step 5: Transplant the runner to the pot. Place the strawberries in the soil and their crowns should be just above the surface.

Spread the roots and do not forget to cover them until the crown. Water them well.

Step 6: Keep the plants at a distance of about 11-13 inches (26-31cm) apart. Space will give enough room to grow. Place the containers in a location where the plant is able to receive 6-10 hours of sunlight each day.

Rotating the pot every week or every three to four days will ensure all of the sides of the plants get proper sunlight. Do not forget to water the soil every time it gets dry.

Step 7: It is best to give liquid fertilizer every two weeks especially in the spring and summer. The strawberries need fertilizers because they cannot get enough nutrients.

Protect the plants from pests by using organic fertilizers so that it will not harm the plant and the body as well when eating the strawberry. Fungus easily develops on strawberry plants so make sure to spray organic fungicide to keep fungus from spreading.

Step 8: At the time of winter season, place your plant indoors to protect it from the frost.

Step 9: If you want a stronger harvest, remove the first flowers. Putting additional compost to the pot can give extra nutrients since it is not planted on the ground.

Step 10: Get ready for the harvest. Harvest the strawberries that have already turned red. Harvest all of the ripe fruits and don’t forget to pluck out all rotten ones so it won’t spread to the others.

   There you have it! Planting a strawberry on the pot made easier. Start planting now and eat the plumpest strawberry you will ever imagine