Fertiliser For Vegetable Plants

Fertiliser plays very vital role in vegetable plants growth. It is always wise to feed your growing vegetable plants with some good fertilisers.

Though growing vegetables at your home garden is not very difficult but to achieve optimum growth of plant is somewhat crucial requirement.

Fertilisers makes soil healthy. Basically They are plant food which are indispensable in relation to plant growth.

As soon as you plant your Vegetables in pots or garden always remember to give them nutrient rich fertiliser.

Before planting the Vegetables one should check the soil for its pH and minerals content. As very acidic soil is not recommended for vegetable growth.

Nowadays Many pH check once kits are available in the market .

Optimum pH of soil is 6.2 to 7 for growing vegetables. If pH is less than 6 soil would be more acidic.

To make soil alkaline add some lime to it. lime is calcium and magnesium salts that help to maintain desired alkalinity of soil.

Lime packets have some neutralizing value written on them. This neutralizing value should be 95 or more.

In addition fineness of lime particles are also considered since They mix in soil and give early results.

Most commonly used lime are agriculture lime(calcium carbonate) . Good quality lime has 35 to 40% calcium in it.

Besides this, dolomite also used burnt lime are not used for agriculture purpose.

When is fertiliser required?

Always keep a check on health of the plant. If leaves are turning green to yellow or plant is getting withered .these are Signs that plant is not receiving proper nutrition from soil. At this time feet your Vegetables plant with essential nutrient.

A Vegetable plant mostly require nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for its desirable growth.

Nitrogen is crucial for making plant proteins as well growth of the leaves. Yellow color of leaves indicates soil is lacking nitrogen content.

Potassium is important at the time of fruiting. It also plays a vital role in defining plant Height and appearance. It is advisable to feed the plant with high potassium once fruit ripening process starts.

Phosphorus is given for maximum root development of the plant.

It is Good to fertilise Vegetable plant in every 3 to 4 weeks in growing season till fruit ripening.

Apart from nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus some secondary nutrient are also essential including calcium, magnesium sulphur with small amount of iron, copper, mangnese, and chloride.

Vegetables that require sand or porous soil to grow nee more fertiliser than clay type soil. Not to forget more than required fertilizing can further retard plant growth.

Some Vegetable like broccoli, carrots, lettuce Needs fertiliser after the week of transplant

Cabbage and Cauliflower Need fertilizer 4 to 6 weeks after transplant.

Spinach and beets need to fertilize when they have grown 3 to 4 inches tall.

Tomatoes Need fertilizer 15 to 20 days after plantation.