Easy to grow herbs in containers!! Growing herbs in pots

Growing herbs in containers is very easy and fulfilling experience. There is nothing more rewarding than growing and harvesting a fresh, aromatic bunch of herbs whether to be used in culinary kitchen or for therapeutics.

Household herbs are some of the easier to grow (in containers) among your wish list of plants.

Here are three easiest herbs which you can grow at home.

  1. Basil:-

basil is easy to grow herb from seeds. Plant basil seeds in summer. You can also transplant a Seedling of the plant. Winter season is not suitable for growing basil. It is widely used in South Asian cuisines. In India holy basil keeps a great mythological importance.

It is also a very good medicinal plant of ancient history. Basil leaves tea can soothe sore throat conditions and it also cures anxiety related Disorders by it’s calming effects.

The basic requirement to grow basil at home:
Basil can grow in containers without too much hard work and care. Basil plant requires well drained soil mix which holds good compost in limited quantity. This medicinal herb needs a Bright Sunlight for 4 to 5 hours a day.

Water requirement depends on the soil. In warmer climate try to water them every day. while in cooler climate water can be given in every 2 to 3 days.

2) Cilantro or coriander Sativum:-

It is also known as Chinese parsley. Coriander holds a very special place in Indian cooking. It gives some savory flavor and enchanting green color to the dishes.

Coriander is one easy to grow herb with the seeds.

You can put coriander Seeds soaked in water for 24 hours ,they will germinate by that time. After 24hours take soaked seeds and sprinkle all over the soil and then cover with the soil again.

Soil mix contains garden soil, coco peat, and compost. Mix all three of them well to make a good garden soil mixture for growing herbs.

It will take around 7 to 8 days to small green sprouts of coriander seeds come out of soil.

A basic requirement for growing Coriander at home

Water them every day. But one should watchful for water requirement of coriander as excess water can also further damage growing plant. Coriander requires good sunlight after seeds germinated and small leaves of plant come out of soil.

It is noticed that coriander usually needs good sunlight 7 to 8 days after sowing the seeds.

Best season to grow coriander is February to march. You can harvest fresh leaves of coriander or better known as cilantro in 3 to 4 weeks.

3) Mint :-

Mint is a fragrance plant and it is very easy to grow herb at any beginner’s home garden. Mint is widely used in different parts of the world because of its aromatic and medicinal value. It not only enhances the flavour and color to our meal but also very good for over all digestion.

For growing herbs like mint in containers, one should always select a spacious container so 2 mint plants with roots can be placed 1 feet apart. Since mint can spread very fast at your little garden space.

It is always appreciable to grow mint in containers rather to plant them directly in for garden space.

Soil :– a well drain alkaline soil is ideal choice for growing mint in pots or containers. Mint roots require air to grow well beneath the soil.

Make a mix of equal parts of sand, partile and coco peat to grow mint in the pots otherwise normal garden soil will also do the work. Make sure garden soil would not be too much acidic.

Sunlight :- Mint plant when grown in containers requires enough sunlight for optimum growth. Though very harsh sunlight may damage growing mint leaves.

Water :- water your mint plant every alternate day or 3 times a week. If mint plant are kept indoor first check the soil with hands for soil wetness. if soil is still moist ,do not water them because over watering can damage the whole plant.

These are some health filled aromatic herbs which can easily grow in containers and do not require much space at your little balcony garden.