Benefits Of Having Your Own Terrace Garden

As the concept of apartment dwelling has raised in urban areas , likelihood of having a terrace garden has also increased to such an extent. It is always beneficial to have terrace garden at your home because it can be your biggest stress buster in today’s fast pace life.

Furthermore by growing plants at balcony or terrace ,our surrounding environment remains clean and free of pollutants. Developed countries like Singapore has already acquired this concept of growing plants on the terrace of buildings and houses.

What is a terrace garden

A terrace or balcony garden is a small space In your house or on the roof where you can grow your own plants, organic vegetables and fruits .

If there is no constraint of space you can also grow different varieties of grass on your terrace garden though a little space with plenty of potted plants would do fine with roof gardening.

Does your roof require any layering before planting

Just a roof protecting layer is sufficient otherwise it will be fine if you are going to use containers or raised bed for growing plants. Make sure watering the plants would not moist your house walls.

What can you grow at the terrace garden

From Vegetables to herbs and flowers to fruits you can grow more number of plants than someone has imagined. If you are new to gardening you can still  grow vegetables like radishes,tomatoes,chillies and mint very easily.

Avoid to plant very big trees or plants that require too much water at your roof because They are not suitable for small space.

Advantages of terrace garden

1)    Having your own terrace garden means you can grow organic vegetables and fruits all year round . These organic plants at your balcony are free from harmful chemical pesticides which is a rarity in vegetables bought from the stores.

2) . plants grow at balcony or roof can absorb carbon mono oxide, toxins and pollutants from the air. This makes our surrounding environment healthy because as many plants we grow at our house , the more oxygen we get to breath.

Growing your own garden helps to reduce smog from the surrounding air which is the most concerned subject for your family specially kids and elderly members.

3)   Itcanbe stress relieving  because nature provides us peaceful environment, fresh air calms down our thought and brings positivity in our lives. Imagine watching a new leaflet or a new flower  or a newly appeared juicy strawberry on your balcony garden ….oh! What a thrill… rather  gives a very positive feeling of being a grower.  Home gardening is a very good recreational activity and that too without spending a lot of money.

Rather it saves nickel from your pocket by providing you with a never ending round the year of fresh and organic food right from your terrace.

Easy for beginners and experienced gardeners ….Just sow the seeds and harvest on time. Share and enjoy the gift of mother nature!!!

4) Gardening may bring all the Family members together at one place and give an opportunity to spend quality time and bond with each other.

Children will love it as they learn to grow plants and indirectly contributing to our environment rather than watching television or playing videogames at home.

5)   Having your own terrace garden helps to restore the ecological aspect of the environment as birds,bees and soil friendly organisms always present in your garden.