7 Easiest To Grow Vegetables In Containers

Many vegetables are easy to grow in containers even in small spaces. Surprisingly you can grow wide number of vegetables in containers with almost no experience of gardening and relish the taste of home grown organic vegetables all year round.

These are some vegetables which are really easy to grow in containers on your roof garden or balcony space.

1) Beans :- beans is quick crop and actually easy to grow in containers. Since beans grow very rapidly so we can get their harvest in every 2 to 3 days.

Beans is one hardy plant which requires minimum care. French and runner beans type of variety are suitable to grow in containers.

Beans are good climbers and they get their vines within few days once plant leaves start to appear. Beans plant always requires some support in the form of trellis to go up.

To grow beans in containers we need 12 to 14 inch depth of pot and 6 to 7 hours of sunlight in a day.

Interestingly, fun part of growing beans is that, with colorful trellis they can give your entrance a very decorative look.

2) Lettuce :- lettuces can grow in containers with little space requirement. Lettuce needs cooler temperature and should not be placed in direct sun in the months of may, June.

A salad made of Lettuce, carrot and tomatoes with olive oil completes your daily requirement of fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamins and good fats and it is more satisfying to get your salad preparations straight from the kitchen garden.

Lettuces are easy to grow in containers with small transplants bought from nursery or sown directly with the seeds. We can grow 5 plants in 12 inches wide pot.

Give water to lettuce plant every other day as drying of plant can make lettuce leaves taste bitter.

Harvesting of lettuce is done when plant is almost 2 inch tall and still have not reached to maturation stage, cut the outer leaves and toss them into your evening salad or just simply transplant the cuttings into other pots .

3) Beetroot :- Beetroot plant is one easy to grow veggie in containers at your terrace garden. Though beet plant doesn’t seem as fancy as other garden plants, amazingly holds its place among some of the healthiest foods over the planet.

Beet root is a pigmented vegetable and contains different micro nutrients ,vitamins and iron. This heart heart healthy and cancer protective food plant is a must for every kitchen garden.

Anyone can grow beets in containers with almost little experience of gardening. For growing beetroots we can use both seeds or plant seedling. It requires 8 to 12 inches container and well worked loose organic soil.

Harvest the beets once the plants reach almost 2 inches of height but not more than this otherwise beetroot will become tasteless.

4) Tomatoes :- Tomatoes can easily grow in containers and they are unbeatable choice for home cultivation because of their savory flavor, great nutritional values and versatile presence in different dishes all round the world.

Though many different varieties of tomato can grow in containers but mostly intermediate variety does well in small spaces. We can also grow cherry Tomatoes for better yield.

Tomato plants need well fed organic soil mix with compost and five to six hours of sunlight for maximum fruiting.

Potassium fertilisers can be added in soil mix for better production of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are ideal choice for small containers and hanging baskets in the balcony area.

5) Bell pepper :- Bell peppers or sweet peppers are fairly easy to grow in containers. If you are wishing to grow a vegetable garden of your own, bell peppers must be added to your list.

They come in various varieties including green, yellow, red and white.

Red bell peppers are sweeter and matured one than the green variety.

For growing bell peppers in containers select larger size pot of 14 to 16 inches and fill them with well drained soil with organic compost mix.

Bell peppers grow best in summers and also require moist soil plus a good sunny location.

You can grow bell peppers by just sprinkling the seeds 1/2 inch deep in the soil, the seeds will germinate in about 10 to 12 days and you can have your own harvest of capsicum in 90 days .

Though red peppers would take 2 to 3 more to mature.

6) Radishes :- radish comes in different sizes and colours and their edible roots has some intense flavor with crispiness.

High on antioxidants,magnesium, potassium and vitamins ,radishes can be grown in containers effortlessly.

Best season to grow radish is winter when its maximum growth happens. Radish plant is easy to grow in containers with both seeds or root cuttings. Place them 1 inch deep in the soil and 1 inch of distance to each other in the potting mix.

Radish plant needs 5 to 6 hours of sun, a well organic soil and frequent watering . Soil should remain moist for optimum growth of roots and you can harvest radishes as early as a month’s time.

7) Kale :- So you can grow a much in demand super food that is rich in vitamin k and mangnese right in your balcony, what can be better than a kale plant.

Kale belongs to bracssicas family like cabbages and loves to grow in cooler climactic conditions.

Kale plant is quite easy to grow in containers just make sure that you have chosen at least 12 inches width pot with rich potting mix. Place the seeds half inch deep in the soil.

Keep kale plant 4 to 5 hours under sunlight and water them twice a week. Kale is relatively pest resistant plant so it does well with little care.

Harvesting of kale is done by bringing out leaves of outer portion and keep inner plant intact. You can directly use these freshly plucked kale leaves to enhance the flavour of salad and soups.