5 Fruits plants you can grow at your home

We can grow many fruits at our home and harvest regular basketful supply of fresh fruits year round. Growing our own fruits are always beneficial because they are organic, free of pesticides and of course gardening keeps us physically fit by indulging in more activity hence imparts in overall well being.

However generally it is assumed that fruits plant take very Long time to grow but some fruits are really easy to grow in tiny spaces or even in pots.

When you plan to set your first garden always go for simple and easy to grow fruit varieties first.
Strawberry :- Strawberry is a perennial plant which grows best in the temperature of 14 to 28 degrees. This delicious juicy fruit is packed with antioxidants which are essential for healthy body and is loved by all of us.
Best thing about growing strawberry at home is that it has shallow roots and grow easily in small pots. Single strawberry plant can bear fruits up to 5 years.

Strawberry plant requires well drained acidic soil ,a full sunshine of 6 hours and consistent watering during fruiting season.

Guava :- Guava is a fruit of tropics and subtropic climate though it can grow in cooler temperature with little care. Guava plant can be grown in containers as well ,be sure to select a bigger size pot of at least 14 inch depth and dwarf guava variety ‘Nana’
This Vitamin C rich fruit thrive well in warm humid weather. Guava plant needs organic well drains soil with pH of 4.5 to 7 and 4 to 5 hours of sunlight and temperature of 17 to 28 degree Celsius.

Guava needs regular watering at the base of plant to keep the soil moist because this wet soil helps to produce more sweeter fruits. Besides this guava plant needs timely cuttings of damaged branches. Fruits start to arrive on plant 4 to 5 months after flowers blooming.

Figs :- Figs are one of the easiest to grow fruit for home cultivation. Figs can grow well both in ground and containers. Figs thrive well in warmer climate and need a sunny location for proper growth.

If it is too cold outside then figs plants go into dormant stage and shed their leaves so in winters always place the plant where it would get maximum sunlight.

Figs can grow from the cuttings of plant bought from nursery . plant them in a larger clay pot with proper drainage holes in it with good potting mix.
Figs plants does not require much water and fertiliser to grow ,water them twice a week for optimum growth of plant.

Harvesting of figs is done mostly in summers and when fruit color changes to brown.

Dragon fruit :- dragon fruit or pitaya has gain much popularity in recent years because of its vitamin C content which is a natural immunity booster, lots of minerals and antioxidants.
Dragon fruit is a variety of cacti and can grow easily at home with cuttings of plants. Just be sure to choose a large container of 20 inch width and 16 inch depth filled with sandy soil and compost. Always place a pole in the center of your pot so that plant get adequate support for growing.

Dragon fruit plant does well in sunny locations, choose a place in your house where plant get maximum sunlight a day. They are light feeders so don’t water them unless soil actually becomes dry otherwise moist soil can rot the leaves .

Dragon plant start to produce ripe fruits after one or two years of sowing mostly in summers. Red variety of dragon fruit is sweeter than white one.

Pomegranate :- This juicy red fruit plant can be a beautiful addition to our backyard. It’s jewel like seeds contain more than hundred types of phytochemicals which are extremely good for our heart heath and disease prevention.

Pomegranate is a fruit of subtropics ,can grow directly in the ground or in containers both. It can best grow with a seedling in a well drained loamy soil which is a mix of compost ,soil and sand.

If growing in pots ,always pick a larger pot at least 14 inch width for expanding roots. Always grow pomegranate plant in sunny spots and water them in every 4 days.

Fruits begin to appear on pomegranate plant within 1 to 2 year of planting and it takes about 5 months for fruits to ripe completely.