Sanseveria – Snake Plant!! Air purifying plant! Indoor plant

Sansevieria is a NASA recommended Air purifying plant. It is also known as Snake plant or mother in law’s tongue.

Being one of the best plant to clean air both Indoor and outdoors its the easiest one to grow, actually it virtually grows anywhere and everywhere spreading across Africa, Europe and Asia, with no special requirements of pot size or shape or any specific fertilization requirements. Thus making it one of the best Air purifying indoor plant for the beginners.

As mentioned by NASA clean Air study Sansevieria cleans Air by removing benzene, Formaldehyde, toluene or xylene and trichloroethylene throughout day time while at night absorbs carbon monoxide and dioxide along with release of fresh oxygen.

Where to keep Snake Plant

Snake plant is considered  as one of the best house plant in terms of Indoor air purification. It is an ornamental houseplant spreading green vibes in your living room.

Since It removes toxins like nitrogen oxide ,place it near furniture, painted wood Items or at any place in the kitchen or bedroom.

Sansevieria is an ideal and unbeatable green choice for your bedroom because it Releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide through  it’s roots and leaves.

Some known facts about Sansevieria 

Origin :  South Africa ( Widely spread over Africa, Europe and Asia)

Family :  Asparagacea

Varieties   More than sixty identified varieties, the popular ones are

Cylindrical Snake plant

Bird nest or hahni( flower shape)

Varigated Snake plant ‘laurentil ‘

Rhino graas,  Sansevieria  desertii

Sansevieria  trifasciata bantel sensation

Foliage or leaf shape  : Sword shape foliage

Bird nest type or hahni snake plant

Almost  60 different varieties of Snake plant available all over the world. Snake plant height varies from 2 feet to 6 feet. It is a very little care requsoil requirement : 

A sandy and well drained soil is ideal choice for potting . For preparation of  potting mix ,take 1 part of soil mix it with 2 parts of sand and one part of cocopeat.

Water requirement – Sansevieria  plant  needs very little water to grow. Water them just once in a month when kept indoors in cool temperature areas and weekly in summers. Let the soil first dries up before watering the plant.

Plant roots or the rhizomes start to rot if there is more water in the pot than required. With very few pest and disease only over watering can kill this otherwise hardy plant.

Light :- Though Snake plants can survive in minimum light conditions, it is best recommended to place them in indirect Bright or filtered light. Indoor Sansevieria  plant should be kept near a sunny window side where they get indirect sunlight.

In low light conditions they grow slowly. If kept on a corner of your home remember to keep the pot in direct sunlight once in two months.

Temperature:-  average required  temperature is 17 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Below 10 degrees growth of snake plant becomes stagnant.


is a method to produce new plants with old plant cutting. Moreover propagation of Snake plant is done with two methods although sansevieria plant need minimum water and sunshine.

1) Leaf cutting first select a healthy leaf of Snake plant and cut it with clean and sterile knife. Put the cut leaf aside for a day or two. This will allow to develop a protective  layer around  the plant leaf and prevent any infection. Plant this leaf cutting into the soiled pot. Plant will begin to grow with these cuttings itself after a few weeks .

 2) Rhizome division Snake plant has stem growing organ ‘Rhizome’ is present under the roots. These rhizomes  should be removed with some sharp and clean cutter. Generally it is advised  to cut the plant in to two parts before cutting the rhizomes  from  the root.


1)Snake plant may be poisonous sometimes. Extract from leaves can irritate gastrointestinal tract. Care should be taken with small Children and pets.

2)Liquid fertiliser once in two month time is enough to feed the plant. More frequent fertilisation can harm the growing plant.

3)Excessive water and very low  temperature do not go well with Snake plant growth. Moderate climatic  temperature and little amount of water is all what require to grow a healthy plant.

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