Planters and garden trellises


Planters – Or pots in which seeds or plants are sown.
Trellises –  are the framework around the plants used for both support of fragile parts and protection from physical damage


You may choose earthen/terracotta or plastic or cemented and even fibre and metal containers to grow your garden. Basically anything and everything which can hold the soil or potting media are definitely handy while planning your terrace garden.
Earthen planter
Earthen Planter
Unlike usual belief of earthen pots being better an insight of the planters given below will help you to choose ideal planter size and make best suited for your garden.

Earthen and Cemented Pots Being porous in the surface allow maximum drainage and thus water logging damage to roots rarely occur despite of heavy watering mistakes usually done in the early phase of gardening by beginners.

While drainage is good this means more frequently watering of the plants is required and a long family holiday will pose a risk of drying up of your plants with a relatively much higher annual water requirements when compared with plastic or fibre planters.
Another drawback being Fragility to to physical damage is always a risk with earthen pots.
Cement Planters are similar to earthen planters and are rather stronger and are available in larger dimensions as well
Both cement and earthen planters are bulkier , heavier and costlier and with greater amount of water requirements and a potential disadvantage of leaching out of precious nutrients from the soil.
Limited design possibility with cement and earthen pots is another disadvantage.
Vertical gardening is very limited in case of planters manufactured from cement and mud…..

Metal or Plastic and fibre planters

They have lesser drainage and hence water retention is quite higher thus reducing the requirement of watering of the plants on the other hand posing a risk of root rot due to over watering.

Plastic planters for container gardening

Ceramic planter for home gardening
Ceramic planter
Endless designs for vertical gardening are available online, although a strict control on the urge of watering is required artificial planters have a slight edge on being durable and designer along with less amount of water required.
Various vertical designs available online websites.
Other than this grow bags are also available online you can buy good quality plastic planters or grow bags which have good life ,look stylish, easy to move light weight require less watering thus preventing leeching out of nutrients.
To conclude its always best to start with mapping of your garden which will give you a brief idea of what to buy and what to avoid.
These are the support systems required for the plants which cannot support their own weight like creepers or heavy fruits like melons.
Garden trellises for growing plants
Garden trellises





Garden trellis for squash
Squash trellis
These can be used mainly for shrubs ,tomatoes, Chillies, ivy , melons, squashes, brinjal,  etc……choose wisely and get the best yield in your terrace garden.

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