Do you eagerly want to know about the organic food trends and want to learn organic food concept more?

Organic food has been so popular since last few years since it’s almost completely free of harmful additives as chemical fertilizers, pesticides and food colors.

According to the USDA, “the purpose of organic farming is to “integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.”

Any food which grows by industrial solvents, or genetic engineering not organic in nature .

Now as when requirement of different food has increased many folds, Conventional farming can also put us in danger of eating food with man-made pesticides which are widely used in large farm lands.

Meanwhile, the production of unnatural fertilizers is damaging our organic environment, involving fossil fuels and soil and ocean zones.

These practices indirectly effect humans, animal and actually the overall environment negatively.

Organic Farming

Very obviously, there are many benefits of having organic food daily, but the prices of these organic food remain 2 or 3 times higher than normal food items.

The most economic and convenient way to eat organic and earth-friendly food is to grow it by your own! The following tips will bring you the joy of getting your food straight from your garden your garden.


Synthetic fertilizers can harm to your garden because they not only enter in your food, but also in the good bacteria, worms and other microbes that are living in the soil as well.

Organic Gardening means avoiding these artificial fertilizers— and feeding your plants more natural nutrients.

Assess your garden’s requirements by getting your soil tested by gardening experts.

It’s appreciable to apply organic nutrients to soil before cold season starts and test the soil in the fall time.

You can also do this by yourself, just purchase a home soil testing kit.

Let them know that your garden is organic, and you will receive thorough data regarding your soil’s pH and nutrient levels,

In your soil, it is always good to add humus that means a organic matter, into your garden. Options include compost, manure ,leaf and grass.


If you are keen to planting new plants regularly and want a garden which is totally organic, look for sapling which has grown naturally.

This way, you can be sure that your plants were raised without use of any chemical or pesticides.


climate change and increasing population have made water a more valuable commodity than ever.

Garden responsibly and effectively by watering plants appropriately’ thirst without wasting too much water.

Mature plants need water substantially but not so frequently. They require one inch of water every week including rain which you can collect somewhere to conserve natural aquatic resources.

We can reduce weed growth and protect our soil by using organic mulch in the garden.

Wood chips are costlier than straw, but they also last for a longer time.

Grass clippings are another option, as long as they are more beneficial to the plants that require a lot of nutrients like lettuce and squash.


When its time to safeguard your garden from harmful plant pests, there are some other choices other than using harsh pesticides.

Most important thing to notice that your plants are as strong as possible by getting the right amount of light, water and nutrient.

Encouraging natural predators to survive in your garden which also keep pests at bay.

Leave out small amount of water and grow plants that have small blossoms . Set up nets and row covers to attract helpful creatures such as birds ,ladybugs, frogs .

Diversify your garden as much because as much different plant will be in the garden. There are less chances of growth of a particular pest and biodiversity is maximized.

You can also put organic substances to combat pest in your garden for this try bacteria, garlic and hot pepper sprays, horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps.

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