How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots/ Tomato growing guide

Growing tomatoes in containers

Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetable to grow in pots. Growing tomatoes in pots is a highly rewarding experience for a home gardener. Even a beginner in gardening can grow tomatoes plant at a small space on the terrace or balcony.

Learn How to growing tomatoes in pots Step by Step

Home grown tomatoes are free from any pesticides and taste better than those we buy from stores and supermarkets.

The most important factors to get success in growing tomatoes in pots are consistent watering and plenty of sunshine.

Though tomato is a fruit botanically as it directly develops from the flower of the plant but due to its savory flavor it is named under the category of vegetable plant.

Tomato is a culinary staple of almost all the dishes of different parts of India. It is the largest vegetable crop after potato and sweet potato in the world. From tempting Vegetable salads and sauces to wholesome pastas, all are incomplete without that sweet tangy flavor of tomatoes.

Known facts about tomatoes:-

  • Origin :-      south and west America
  • Species:-     Lycopericon esculentum (solanu m lycopersicon)
  • Family :-        solanacea
  • Varieties :-   More than 70 Varieties of tomato present all over the world. They come in different color side and shapes. The most basic types or classification is

   determinate or indeterminate

         and heirloom or hybrid.

Tomatoes, beefsteak ,brandy wine, paste tomato (romas)& ,big boy, pear and purple haze.

Benefits of having tomatoes daily

Apart from giving your food a distinct taste and color tomatoes  are extremely  good for General well being. They are great source of lycopene, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin k and potassium which are essentially vital part of humans good health.

Essential requirements for growing tomatoes in containers 

       Grow tomatoes from seeds:-

Tomatoes can grow easily by picking fresh right from your kitchen. Take a tomato and cut it into small round pieces. Put these cut tomato 1 inch deep in soiled pot.

Wait for about 4 weeks to germinate the seed and turn into a sprout. After germination a small swelling will come out. Proper care is necessary once Seedling is ready.

Tomato plants grow from small saplings of the plant. You can buy a plant from nursery or it can be taken with your neighbour’s farm and just make sure to plant this in a good organic soil.

Pots or container- Large containers are good to grow tomato plant. Take 14 to i8 inches pot. As roots of tomato plant need space to expand. Tomato plant can reach upto the Height of 2 to 3 feet so small pot may hamper  the growth of the plant.

Make sure to plant tomato Seedling very deep in the soil so that roots get all the nutrient from soil and manure. Only 1/4 part of Seedling should  visible from outside and rest all the plant should  be covered with soil.


Try to plant one Seedling in each pot as tomato plant need space to grow and expand in soil.

√soil:-  tomato  plant retain healthy in well drained soil and do not well in soggy soil. good pH for growing  plant is 6 to 6.8.

Make a potting mix with organic compost, peat moss and some Sand incorporated into it.

Loamy soil which is sand, tilt and clay mix is Good for tomato plant. Tomatoes  root grow well in loose airy  soil.

√Temperature :- tomato is a warm season crop and They are grown mostly in mild to moderate temperature. Very Cold climatic condition adversely  affected plant growth.

At least 5 to 6 Hours Of Sunlight is required for the unerring growth of tomato plant.

Optimum temperature for tomato is 20 to 25degree Celsius with a range of 10 to 35 degrees.

Plant can not withstand very humid or very low temperature .

At the time of fruiting bright sun is required which is the reason for dense red color of tomatoes.

√water requirement :- pour water slowly info the pots and have them water at least once a day.  Morning time is consider  good to water the tomatoes.

Always try to keep upper layer of soil moist with regular watering . water them at the base not on the leaves of the plant.

If  you are planning to grow the tomatoes in humid area then requirement of water will be less and water twice a week would be enough to grow plant well.

√fertiliser :- start the soil preparation by putting a mix of good fertiliser (low in nitrogen, high in phosphorus, potassium and calcium) in the base of container and then fill the pot with soil up to 3/4 part.

√staking:-  always put a stage or support info the soil near to  plant and place one plant in one pot. Bamboo stake are used for this purpose. Trellises can also give good support to the growing plant.


• Cherry tomatoes are sweeter and usually easy to grow in small sized containers.

• rain water is natural and best way to water the plant.

• Once Tomato plants grow optimally we can feed them with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) with water in every 20 to 25 days. This is a great food for tomato  plant.

• If you Find any insects on plant  use neem oil spray.

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