Home Gardening Basics for Beginners

Soil and Potting media is the soul of your green Dreams whether its a backyard or a terrace or a balcony garden.

Organic gardening focuses on feeding the soil rather than feeding the plants. Healthy , nutrients rich and weed and disease free properly drained soil leads to luscious and pest free flowers and not to mention a bumper yield of garden fruits and veggies.

pH of the soil is yet another important factor coming in play, a soil pH of 6.5 range 5.5 to 7.5 is optimal for most plants.

Compost , Peat , wood flakes , pinch of wood ash along with a good quality top soil is the mantra for a Paradise garden in your house.

In case of terrace gardening choose your mixture of soil carefully so not to end in frustration in later stages ,its better from some trusted sources like a local nursery or carefully chosen brands available online.

You may also get your soil tested with several agencies , and also the at home soil testing kits are quite handy.

water and watering of plants is a simple yet very Important component of wiki how of gardening. As most plants like to keep their feet dry, watering should be infrequent but deep with sufficient drainage and no water logging.

As a rule of thumb 1-2 inches of water per week is required , of course rains should be counted. Moreover you will be easily able to identify the need of your soil by just having a careful look in your terrace ranch or garden. Various tips and tricks of watering are in detail in our blog section.

sun and climate – Think your garden as a natural ecosystem , sunlight and climate are the defining factors of any ecosystem.

Identification of native species best suited for your local area before planting them will save your nickel and dime later.

Planning your Terrace Garden then Planter Caddies are quite useful if you need to move your heavy planters and pots as per the sunlight. Always keep it simple and choose correctly while buying garden accessories.

tools and inventory – A terrace garden would require a fewer tools than the backyard garden. Though investing in high quality pruners and snips is always useful.

A thumb rule is to wear protective eye wear and protective gloves to prevent any injury while you enjoy gardening.

Utilization of space – In metro cities and cooperative group housing flats horizontal space is cramped but don’t let this crunch of space block your dream. Rather go vertical,

hanging garden,

step farming on stands,

raised bed,

Organic Fertilizer – Gardner’s “black gold”  organic gardening is easy task dont complicate it..keep it simple and dont use chemicals .

Nothing makes gardening harder than having a bad soil which is hard compact lifeless , malnourished and some in some dire cases poisoned.

Add lot of compost, organic mushroom soil mix, peat and pinch of wood ash along with different organic fertilizers available like

  • Neem Compost(also keeps the plants disease free)
  • Vermicompost
  • Your own home made kitchen compost
  • Bone meal, Fish and blood organic fertilizers
  • Seaweed meal
  • horn and hoof meals as per the soil requirements.

Pest and weeds are one thing no gardener wants to see in his ranch. Careful monitoring right from the first step from choosing soil , seeds to keeping a regular check on the back of your leaves.

don’t water late in the evening to prevent moisture on leaves which attracts fungus and other pests, ample sunlight and proper watering is yet another sequel.

Harvesting and Storage – People often are scared of growing veggies on their terrace or balcony. A common confession is “I have no idea how to begin with”

Vegetable and fruits Growing is extremely easy. If you have never done it before,here is how

Step 1- Get some good soil with lots of compost in sufficient sized planters

Step 2 – Stick in some seeds

Step 3 – Water them

Step 4 – Watch them grow.

Step 5 – Harvest your home grown vegetables for free.

Dont forget to store them properly and share your bumper harvest with neighbours and loved ones.

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