Grow your own blueberries today


“BLUEBERRY” is the healthiest and tastiest of all the berries , it is highly packed with antioxidants and minerals and is very low on carbs.
Besides eating them raw blueberries can be added to breakfast , baked food and yogurts as well.
Grow Blueberry plant

These little natures gift are packed with nutrients which help our body 

to fight cancer
lower down blood pressure
reduces ageing
immunity boost
improve brain function
prevents diabetes and heart diseases
reduce muscular and nervous damage
and the list goes on…
Believe it or not blueberries are one of the easiest to grow in India despite being native to American continent.
These action packed gifts can be planted in pots or on the backyard with great ease and plants themselves are quite resistant to most pest and diseases …Just protection from birds during bloom time is one thing to watch out for.

Types of blue berries

moreover can be divided into 3 divisions
1) High Bush Variety
 – usually 8-10 ft height is the maximum they gain . Best suited for small garden or Backyard Garden.
 Most resistant plants out of the three . Yield highest amount of berries and are self-pollinating hence only 1 plant is self fertile and sufficient to produce ample amount of fruit for you and family.
2) Medium Variety or Hybrid – It gives you best of both the worlds the resistance and fruiting of the high bush with lesser maximum height of growth usually  5-6 feet.
3) Low bush variety – this is easy to grow in pots hence best suited for Terrace Garden,growth being up to 3 feet as well this variety also makes an excellent ornamental plant.
single plant alone will not fruit much unless planted with one or two more plants.
Grow Blueberry plant at home

    Life Cycle

Blueberries can be grown from Seeds or hard wood cuttings , Its a well tolerant plant to both winters and summers sparing some parts of scorching heat struck Northern India where you might want to provide some shade to your blueberry plant and put in shade during the heat wave.
Plants usually fruits within a year although it is advisable to discourage fruiting by pinching the bloom tips to promote better growth of the plant.
Fruiting is annual in blueberries just after the monsoon…Wait until 2-3 days after your berries turn blue.
Average life is 10-12 years with regular pruning of the older branches.

Soil Requirements

Blueberries are acid lovers and the best suited ph is 4.5 to 5.5 for this plant
The soil should be well drained and rich in organic matter like farm aged cow manure , leaf mould and kitchen compost.
Remember most juicy fruited plants and trees need deep watering.
Cocopeat addition along with manure is also favorable for the plant.
How to make your soil acidic
adding small amounts of sulphur always help to reduce pH of the soil ,
Leaf compost is yet another organic way also tea waste from kitchen can be added in small quantities once a month.
Yet another way is to add small amounts of kitchen waste enzymes(Link youtube for Garbage enzyme video on youtube handle)
Since garbage enzyme contains naturally formed vinegar it helps to achieve better pH of soil best suited for your blueberry plants
Happy gardening

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