Chinese Evergreen or aglaonema

Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is one of the best Air purifying plant recommended by NASA. It cleans both Indoor and outdoor air by emitting oxygen in the air through its leaves .

Aglaonema plant begins to clean the surrounding air within 2 days of planting in your home. Chinese  Evergreen actively  supports healthy lifestyle as It removes harmful toxins from the Air.

Chinese evergreen Air purifiying plant
Chinese evergreen

Chinese  Evergreen also maintains indoor air humidity by reducing dryness which is a result of continuous use of air conditioners or room heaters.


Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen plants mainly belong to the tropics and subtropics of Asia and are originated from Indonesia and Thailand.

Chinese evergreen is considered as a Good Luck plant in Asian countries. It is also used as an Indoor ornamental plant.

It is available in many varieties and different colors like green, red, yellow. They are mostly hybrid plants native to southeast Asia. It is easy to grow air purifying plant which requires very little care.

Agloanema plant air purifying plant


How to plant Chinese evergreen plant in pots

  • Take 10 to 12 inches pot for per hundred Square foot of room.
  • Soil – mix two parts of soil with one part of cocopeat and one part of vermi compost to make The potting mix for aglaonema.
  • Potts should have ample Drainage holes at the bottom. We can spread a net at the bottom of the plant so that extra water could drain out .This will help soil to remain at its place and only water will come out of the pot.
  •  Water requisites  for Aglaonema is moderate ; don’t water It too much. Water the plant when top 1/4 part of soil become dry. Try to accumulate rainwater to feed the Aglaonema  plant.
  • Temperature – Chinese  evergreen  plants prefer temperature above 16 degrees. They have ability to thrive in low light conditions. Direct sunlight will cause the plant leaves to turn Yellow.  They can grow well in indirect sunlight. Surviving with very little light makes them ideal choice for Indoor air purifying plant.
  • Feed The plant with some good organic fertilizers or compost once in a month.

Repotting of plant is required in every 2 to 3 years.

Though Aglaonema  plant roots can efficiently remove toxins from the Air, it is advisable  to clean the dust from the leaves  time to time with damp cotton cloth .it ensure maximum absorption of toxins and chemicals from the air.

Brown Spots appear on plant if soil becomes very dry. Timely watering is essential for growing  Chinese  evergreen  plant.Chinese evergreen air purifying plant

Note:- Anglaonema may be poisonous so care must be taken with small kids and pets . This plant must not be consumed by anyone. It is only useful for Indoor airpurification and decorative house plant purpose

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