Grow Strawberry plant

5 fruits plants you can grow at your home

We can grow many fruits at our home and harvest regular basketful supply of fresh fruits year round. Growing our own fruits are always beneficial because they are organic, free of pesticides and of course gardening keeps us physically fit by indulging in more activity hence imparts in overall well being. However generally it is…

Grow Blueberry plant

Grow your own blueberries today

  “BLUEBERRY” is the healthiest and tastiest of all the berries , it is highly packed with antioxidants and minerals and is very low on carbs. Besides eating them raw, blueberries can be added to breakfast dishes, baked goodies and yogurt on a daily basis. These little nature’s gift are packed with nutrients which help…

Lemon Plants in pots

How to Grow Lemons in the Pots at Home

Growing lemon in pots on your terrace garden can be a rewarding experience. This vitamin C packed fruit plant is not only used in your kitchen but also has a strong citrus fragrance in your home garden. If you are planning to grow lemon plant at home in pots, then do consider the dwarf variety….