Easy to grow vegetables in containers

7 easiest to grow vegetables in containers

Many vegetables are easy to grow in containers even in small spaces. Surprisingly you can grow wide number of vegetables in containers with almost no experience of gardening and relish the taste of home grown organic vegetables all year round.   These are some vegetables which are really easy to grow in containers on your roof garden or…

Grow herbs in containers

Easy to grow herbs in containers

Growing herbs in containers is very easy and fulfilling experience. There is nothing more rewarding than growing and harvesting a fresh, aromatic bunch of herbs whether to be used in culinary kitchen or for therapeutics. Household herbs are some of the easier to grow (in containers) among your wish list of plants. Here are three…

Plant fertilisers

Fertiliser for Vegetable plants

Fertiliser plays very vital role in vegetable plants growth. It is always  wise to feed your growing vegetable plants with some good fertilisers. Though growing vegetables at your home garden is not very difficult but to achieve optimum growth of plant is somewhat crucial requirement. Fertilisers makes soil healthy. Basically They are plant food which…

Planters for home garden

Planters and garden trellises

  Planters – Or pots in which seeds or plants are sown. Trellises –  are the framework around the plants used for both support of fragile parts and protection from physical damage PLANTERS – You may choose earthen/terracotta or plastic or cemented and even fibre and metal containers to grow your garden. Basically anything and…

Grow Blueberry plant

Grow your own blueberries today

  “BLUEBERRY” is the healthiest and tastiest of all the berries , it is highly packed with antioxidants and minerals and is very low on carbs. Besides eating them raw blueberries can be added to breakfast , baked food and yogurts as well. These little natures gift are packed with nutrients which help our body …

Epsom salt magnesium sulfate for plants

Magic of epsom salt in your garden

 Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is the one salt that is definitely going to help your plants during flowering and fruiting phase of their life cycle. This is a long kept secret ingredient of successful gardening recipe. How does Epsom salt help gardeners Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate contains magnesium and sulphur which along with…

Chinese evergreen Air purifiying plant

Chinese Evergreen or aglaonema

Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is one of the best Air purifying plant recommended by NASA. It cleans both Indoor and outdoor air by emitting oxygen in the air through its leaves . Aglaonema plant begins to clean the surrounding air within 2 days of planting in your home. Chinese  Evergreen actively  supports healthy lifestyle as…

Best air purifying plant snake plant

Sansevieria or Snake plant

Sansevieria is a NASA recommended Air purifying plant. It is also known as Snake plant or mother in law’s tongue. Being one of the best plant to clean air both Indoor and outdoors its the easiest one to grow, actually it virtually grows anywhere and everywhere spreading across Africa, Europe and Asia, with no special…

How to grow tomatoes in pots

How to grow tomatoes in pots

Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetable to grow in pots. Growing tomatoes in pots is a highly rewarding experience for a home gardener. Even a beginner in gardening can grow a perfect tomato plant at a small space on the terrace or balcony.   Learn How to growing tomatoes in pots Step by Step…

Lemon Plants in pots

How to Grow Lemons in the Pots at Home

Growing lemon in pots on your terrace garden can be a rewarding experience. This vitamin C packed fruit plant is not only used in your kitchen but also has a strong citrus fragrance in your home garden. If you are planning to grow lemon plant at home in pots, then do consider the dwarf variety….